Tuesday, October 26, 2010

bunny rabbits :: gift idea

my best friend has a little girl the same age as "the monster".  each birthday & holiday, we have a contest to see who can get the kids the most annoying present.  the biggest pain.  the most dreadful gift any adult would want, but one that the children, of course, love!

it's a brutal game and i admit, i'm not that good at it.  there simply aren't that many annoying things to buy a precious & sweet girl.  but boys.  boys are easy!  some of the gifts "the monster" has received include talking boxing gloves, swords and a very loud truck that literally screams at you before the engine revs.  my son has loved each gift as i have cringed during the unwrapping.

but... this year will be different.  i'm making a little girl's dreams come true while simultaneously creating more work for her parents.  i'm buying a bunny.