Friday, September 30, 2011

crayon canvas :: projects with kids

as you i'm sure you've figured out by now, i went to visit my brother's family last weekend in madison, wi. the entire family provided lots of inspiration but i've really been most excited to share this with you all week! my sister-in-law, kirstie, just finished up making something like the crayon art above for her little girl's room.

kirstie's was explaining to me how holding the hairdryer different ways, produced different effects.  the art she created had much more melting color that ran down the entire height of the canvas.  i let "the monster" do the melting for our canvas, but i did notice that because we ran ours outside and the temperature was a bit colder, the crayon wax began to lump as it melted - a very cool effect!

i think this would be a fun christmas gift from "the monster" to his teacher this year.  maybe more pinks & purples...  i also saw one on pinterest where only green crayons were melted and then fabric flowers where sewn onto the top.  this appeared as a flower garden which was kinda fun.

what are your ideas? 

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