Tuesday, September 6, 2011

tent camping :: family activities

hello friends! hopefully you are finding your way back from a relaxing weekend. we took the kids tent camping for the first time. we really really enjoyed ourselves, but i was thinking about a few tips i could share with you. certainly, camping isn't the most rejuvinating of events, but it can provide a quiet family bonding experience that is difficult to get in the hustle and bustle of busy life!

here are some thoughts i'd like to share:
  • make sure you have a simple pop-up tent.  children tend to explore and find the poison ivy right as you are struggling with the many many poles that belong to your tent.  forget the poles and invest in a pop-up.  our tent went up in under 30 seconds.  it was an exciting moment for us all!
  • if you can, find a spot near a playground.  most campgrounds have some sort of play gym, and it is a nice luxury to allow your little ones to go play while you sit and enjoy the fire.
  • bring baby wipes.  need i say more?  they are good for everything.
  • don't get your hopes up.  so much can go wrong when it comes to tent camping... wind, rain, cold, heat.  be prepared to pack up and go home if you need to.  if you have an exact plan of how you think camping will go, something will definitely go wrong, so be prepared for the unexpected!
  • also.  don't expect great sleep.  no matter how comf your blow-up mattress is, there is just no way you will get any rest.  the children will be anxious from the excitement of the adventure as well as sleeping in a different place.  plan on no sleep and be grateful for what you get.  then allow yourself a day of rest when you return home.
  • savor the peace and love.  my favorite part of camping was right as the sun rose and the boys were starting to stir.  my little family was all snuggled up together in the warm tent and once we unzipped the door, all was lost to the morning chill and the promise of a new day.  so be sure to take a moment and listen to the birds waking, the soft moans of stirring children and the peace.  it's heaven really.
ok then!  happy fall to you camper!

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