Monday, October 17, 2011

autumn downtown :: photography

one my favorite things to do each fall is take a family walk downtown. we window shop and enjoy caramel apples as we kick leaves in stride.   living in a state capital, our downtown area is historic and romantic filled with quaint little shops.

on saturday, we popped into dells, which is a candy & popcorn shop that i have been taking "the monster" to since he was very, very little.  the staff has watched him grow and welcome us like we are dear friends.   as we push open the door and the bell rings, time is warped and we enter the 1950's.   "the monster" and "bump" gaze at the rows and rows of candy and creative treats, while i chat with the girls behind the counter. after each boy picks just one item, they fidget impatiently while i pay and then rip open their goodies.  it's a tradition that warms my heart.

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