Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the couple :: wedding photography

mark is a funny guy.  he's completely transparent and get's a little embarrassed by it.  he's endearing. he loves his bride and you can see it from the moment you meet him.  on mark & rachel's wedding day, you could see he had some anxiety, but it wasn't the typical nerves that most grooms go thru.   he wasn't nervous about spending his life with rachel or about standing in front of a hundred or so people.   he was nervous for rachel.  it seemed all he could think about was her and how to make her day perfect.  he worried about her dress getting dirty, about her getting poison ivy as we took pictures, about her getting the pictures she wanted, about her being comfortable, etc, etc.   mark loves rachel and you can see it plain as day.

it's the kind of love that i'm in love with, really.

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