Monday, November 21, 2011

book binding :: project idea

have you ever tried bookbinding?  all you really need is paper and glue... lots of glue.   this weekend, i thought it would be fun to create a little journal made up of some texture photographs i have taken.  i then decorated with stickers, which is the same kind of thing i loved to do when i was 5.   funny how i've changed so little!

anyway, i was thinking that there really isn't a need to buy photo albums.   how cool would a little book like this be filled with black & whites of the boys?!  perfect gift for grandmas i think.


  • print double-sided 5x7 images on a heavyweight paper
  • stack your prints in the order you want
  • spread good old elmers glue along the edge that you want binded and clamp pages together.  let dry for 15 minutes and spread more glue.  repeat as needed until pages are secure.
  • cut some decorative paper to fit the binded edge of your book.  fold over and glue.
  • set between some heavy books for smashing and drying.

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