Wednesday, November 23, 2011

hello friends!  and happy thanksgiving!   tomorrow i will be cooking and eating and sleeping, then drinking and eating and sleeping some more.   won't you?   i have been making cheesecakes and pies for days and the smell of our home is overwhelming.  i just love the holidays.

i have a little surprise planned for the boys tomorrow that i will share with you next week.   isn't that what it's all about?... the children.  so much has been enriched in my life as a result of my children, and the holidays are a perfect example of that.  this thanksgiving, i am most thankful for my son "the monster".   he started our family... and he is too young to know all that he has begun.   because of him, i began dating my husband and because of my husband we have ended up in a small and cozy condo we call home.  home filled with a bright fire, laughing children and the smell of apple pie in the oven.  all mixed in with memories of a lovely and fantastic year.  does it get any better than that?

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