Friday, December 16, 2011

bubble lights :: christmas decor

a few years ago my mom gave us a box full of outdoor lights to decorate our new home with.   she announced that she was too old to be hanging lights on the roof & we were grown anyway, so she was done.   hubby has never been willing to climb the ladder and face the cold to hang the lights (and i've been satisfied with our light-up rudolph lawn ornament), so the lights have stayed in the box in the attic.

well. this year, in our new condo, we have the perfect little trees and bushes to put our lights on!  down comes the box from the attic.  i am thrilled, the kids are thrilled and hubby is cold.

then. at the bottom of the box, i found 3 perfectly packaged original bubble light strands.  can you believe it? the tag that was still attached to each strand said 1979.  these are the real deal.  of course we put them on our tree.   i love them and i tell everyone who comes over about them.  apparently, bubble lights are making a come-back and they are selling the style again.  see here.  but, they just aren't the same...

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