Tuesday, December 6, 2011

treasure soap :: project idea for boys

i sometimes have a hard time coming up with homemade gift ideas that my sons can give as gifts.  good gifts anyway - not just a colored picture or a jackson pollock imitation painting.  it is also equally as hard for me to shop for grown men like uncles, brothers, etc.   most men i know want very little and when they do want something, they go buy it themselves.

so.   i was thrilled that our homemade treasure soap worked out.   it smells super yummy, contains a fun surprise, and encourages my children to make gifts using their talents. (not that this takes a lot of talent).

instructions for treasure soap:

  1. melt glycerin soap base cubes in a microwave save bowl for 30 seconds.  stir and keep heating at 30 second intervals, careful not to burn.
  2. poor liquid soap into a mold of choice.
  3. add aloe, and a scented oil.  we used wood cedar so it would smell masculine.
  4. drop a treasure into the liquid slowly and carefully so it's doesn't splash out.  be sure to place your object up-side-down so that when the soap is finished, the object is facing the right way.
  5. let dry and harden for an hour, then pop out of mold.

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