Tuesday, January 31, 2012

painting for a cause :: mixed media art

my 'sparkly cousin' asked me to donate some of my artwork for this event.  after reading about the helton family here, i couldn't get them out of my mind.  obviously, it is reminiscent of my own father's battles with this terrible disease, but i was also incredibly moved by this man's determination to fight.  professionals have explained to him that traditional methods may not yield the life-saving results anyone in this situation would desire.  so, instead of accepting that fate, they are continuing this fight at the gerson institute in mexico.  how exciting!

i wish terry and his family the most overwhelming success.  i wish them love and happiness.  i wish them continued courage and determination.  if you are in town, please join me in helping this cause by attending the auction.  the paintings above will be up for grabs as well as many other fun items, i'm sure.


  1. Cassandra, thank you so much for this - I had no idea your 'sparkly cousin' had collaborated with you! =) This is just awesome. And I'm completely in awe of everyone who has stepped forward to help my dad in some way or another - this whole thing has renewed my faith in humanity. There are still a whole lot of really good people in this world. Thank you, thank you, thank you with all of my heart!!!

  2. Just when I think my heart is about to explode from joy & gratitude, yet another person steps up and adds even more blessings to our 'basket' of good deeds. Thank you from the bottom of this overflowing heart for your kindness and astounding generosity!