Friday, January 13, 2012

parking lot education :: project for kids

i want to share with you a little tip that we use to help my son learn his numbers and math skills.  as you may know, "the monster" loves cars, and anytime i can intertwine a car or a race into a lesson, he's a happy boy.  and, he learns fast because he's having fun.

a couple years ago, i took a giant poster board and used a marker to draw numbered parking spaces on it.  i would say, "park your car in 26" and he would drive his little car to it.  now, as he is in kindergarten, we are using the parking lot a little differently.  i will have him park his car every 5 spaces so he can learn how to count by 5's.  we also practice addition and subtraction by driving the cars from spot to spot.  there's nothing better than tricking your kids into learning!

what about you?  what are your ways of teaching while having fun?

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  1. Cassie - Please come to our house & be Maya's personal teacher =) thanks - Heather