Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a feather in your hair :: diy

so, i have a guilty pleasure and it's in the fashion of a feather in my hair.   i say 'guilty' because, i'm pretty sure some of the feathers they are selling in hair accessories these days are from rare birds that may need their feathers.   i've polled a few friends and it seems to be a pretty controversial subject.

i even asked one male friend and he responded with...  'gross!  are you going fishing?'

anyway, i don't have enough knowledge about exactly how hobby lobby gets these feathers, but now they are in my hands.  and so, like any stylish crafter, i am sharing a diy on how to make one for your hair.  please don't hate me, but do feel free to comment below.

and now onto the diy instructions:

  1. group your feathers in a bunch.
  2. loop some fishing or jewelry wire
  3. secure both with fabric tape
  4. loop some ribbon, string, or [fill in the blank] thru a bobbi pin
  5. twist your string and at some point thread the wire loop & feathers onto the string
  6. secure with a knot at the end
  7. clip into hair close to scalp 

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