Tuesday, February 28, 2012

scratch off photo :: diy

there is little better than a great homemade birthday card, don't you think?  my husband's cousin once told me one of her favorite parts of her special day was walking out to the mailbox and receiving letters and cards from friends.  even with rising postage, i still think it's worth it to send notes, pictures and drawings in the mail... mostly because it's becoming more and more rare, so it seems extra special.

here's an idea for the next birthday you're celebrating with a close one:  a scratch off photo greeting!

  1. supplies needed include, dish soap, black acrylic paint, a photo greeting, paint brush & scotch tape
  2. cover edges of photograph with scotch tape
  3. mix 2 parts paint with 1 part dish soap and brush onto photo
  4. let dry
  5. peel away tape
  6. give with a coin for scratching off

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