Wednesday, February 8, 2012

thumbprint valentines :: project for kids :: holiday

"bump" is getting a little more interested in our projects!  this week, the boys and i made valentines for a few special gals in our lives.   i wanted to do something simple so that "bump" could get involved too, and thumbprint valentines were a perfect choice.  ink, paper, stickers (and a mess) and the valentines were complete!

going into this, i really had no idea what we would shape their thumbprints into.  the tree one above is my favorite, however, there we're a couple 'bugs' that turned out cute too.  can you tell that those are hearts in the picture with the panda?  what will you do for valentines this year?

p.s.  today is the last day to enter the self-portrait contest!  i really hope you'll put together a submission.  loves.

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