Wednesday, February 15, 2012

wine cork art board :: diy :: wall decor

so, i know i'm not inspiring any new ideas here.   but isn't my new corkboard fun? i started this project with an entirely different plan.  it wasn't really going to be a corkboard... i was going to make something abstract, and paint some of the ends of the cork.   but, once i started gluing, i started loving the wine-stained red tips and didn't want to paint anything.  i like how they are all different shades of merlot.  can you tell i favor red wine?

o, and a little secret.  each cork has a special writing on the side.  i got in the habit years ago of marking the date and sometimes, initials of who i enjoyed the wine with.  as i was putting this together, i was flooded with memories... there's even one from our wedding in the mix!

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