Thursday, March 8, 2012

pricing antiques :: diy

my mother-in-law has been collecting antiques for years with the dream of someday opening up her own shop.  well, next week, her dream is getting a little closer to fruition, as she is renting retail space in a new shop (that sells old things of course).   to help her get started, i created the price tags above.   in the future, she will be making the tags in bulk, so i designed them with that in mind.  using washi tape (i told you... new obsession), i simply decorated one side, leaving the other for a little story about the antique.  o, and my 'sparkly cousin' made the fantastic washi tape on the old spools.  i'm in love.

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  1. You are the freaking cutest. I do love anything related to paper and adhesive.