Thursday, March 15, 2012

treasure hunt :: kid project

last weekend, i created a little treasure hunt for 'the monster'.   it was so fun watching him run from clue to clue, frantically searching for each.  he loved it!  and the end, i left a small prize for him... a hot wheel car of course.

this is good for him for a few reasons:

  1. he is exercising his brain power as he connects the written word to a physical object or place
  2. he has to think about his family.  the clues we're centered around our little inside moments...  things like:
    1. the first thing mommy wants to drink when she wakes up [coffee]
    2. his brother's favorite toy [bunny]
    3. the dog's favorite place to sleep [by the fireplace]
    4. what mommy is always telling daddy he spends too much time on [the ipad]
  3. the game also increases his confidence.  when someone does something special just for him, it is bound to boost his esteem and make him happy.
after he found the prize and the hunt was over, he was begging to do it again!  with the weather getting nicer, i was thinking maybe we could do an outdoor version soon.

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