Tuesday, March 27, 2012

wood circle :: wall decor :: diy

i've been thinking about the white space above our tv for a long time.  it's huge.  and blank.  and awkward.  i have tossed around a lot of ideas.  A LOT.  but, i eventually decided on wood slices.  i'm certain that most guests think i'm a bit nutso, but i just adore this little art installation.  it's very modern and rustic at the same time, which is exactly my thing these days.

o, and i comforted my concerned husband with the idea that i would hang each with a command strip so that no damage would be done to the precious, white, blank, boring wall.  that did not work.  repeat: that did not work.  heavy wood discs were falling all over the place.  one day, i came home and there was a single fallen slice sitting in the dogs bed.  she had moved to my bed.  i ended up drilling holes in the back of each disc and then nailing holes in the walls.  lots of holes.  o well.

it's worth it, don't you think?

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