Friday, April 20, 2012

adventure awaits :: inspiration

i've started collecting globes.  with rising sea levels and social unrest in parts of the world, our earth is changing rapidly.  our globe differs today from yesterday and tomorrow.  it is fun to document these changes, even though most small, with my collection.  and honestly, i find most of them at garage sales!

the one above still displays the soviet union.  it was fun comparing this globe with my son's more modern globe and explaining where russia came from!  i have seen where people paint globes or re-purpose them for lights, vases and other fun things.  i just couldn't bring myself to do it though.  i settled on a banner stuck on with double-sided tape.

i'm sure you've heard that this weekend we celebrate earth day...  my family and i are traveling to a cabin in the woods to fish and play games.  what will you do?  do you have plans to be outdoors?  are you attending any 'green' activities?

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