Tuesday, April 24, 2012

printed pillows :: diy

for these printed pillows, as i will call them, i began with general print-making techniques.  instead of painting directly on the fabric, i first created the design onto a surface, then transferred (i.e. printed) it onto fabric.   why, o why would i do this?  because of the lovely and worn texture that is given to the design during the printing process.  and because it's fun!

here's the diy:

  1. lie out wax paper onto a flat surface
  2. using fabric paint, create your design directly onto the wax paper.
  3. place fabric face down on the painted design
  4. using a rolling pin or simply your hands, press and smooth the fabric
  5. peel away fabric from the wax paper
  6. let dry
i used my fabric for pillow cases.  i think even framing some frayed fabric would be amazing too.  the possibilities are endless.  

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  1. absolutely love this! so cool. thanks for sharing!