Thursday, April 26, 2012

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i don't enjoy repeating myself.   i have a father who is hard of hearing and a mother who always starts paying attention mid-story (and wants me to catch her up).  my loving parents have been like this most of my life and that's enough for me... so when it comes to telling my 5-year-old "monster" to clean his room, i try to only say it once.

how's that?  only tell a child to pick up his toys once?  yep.  and if he ignores me, my home gets cleaned!  here's how:

  1. i have created a ransom box.  buy any clear storage container.  it's best to be clear so your child will be able to see the toys he/she is missing so dearly.
  2. write down a list of realistic and age appropriate chores.  group them or just write one per piece of paper and attach to ransom box.
  3. when your child wants his/her toys back, they must choose a piece of paper and do the chore that is written on it.
since implementing this little game, i have had my windows and mirrors cleaned, plants watered and bed made!  and the truth is, "the monster" actually enjoys doing the chores, so everyone is happy.  and he is learning...  not only learning about consequences, but also learning exactly how to clean a mirror and how to make a bed nicely.

now, i am going to be honest...  he still struggles with listening and following thru the FIRST time.  especially when the tv is on.  and i need to find a trick to make him do other things like put on shoes, brush teeth, etc. the first time.  but we're on our way to a better, less repetitive place.  at least when it comes to picking up toys.


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  1. Great idea! Kids need concrete consequences and instructions like that. I may have to adapt that for when I babysit my nieces.