Wednesday, April 18, 2012

sock octopus :: diy :: kid project

you've heard of the famous 'sock monkey', but have you ever heard of the adorable 'sock octopus'?  i initially made this with babies in mind because they love to chew and pull on extremities, but surprisingly, 'the monster' is the one who went crazy for this little guy!  he now sleeps with it each night...  which i find a funny.

the how to:

  1. collect tall socks, scissors, clear circle bands (i used goody hair things), stuffing, & felt.
  2. depending on how tall your sock is, cut to the length you want your octopus
  3. stuff the toe-end of the sock and then secure with circle band
  4. cut eight little legs and pull them tight (this curls the fabric)
  5. cut circles out of felt and glue on as eyes
  6. share with your favorite kiddo
p.s.  wondering what i did with the leftover fabric from the socks?  you'll find out soon! xoxo.


  1. That we're not just calling this Socktopus is a crime against puns.

  2. it's always the stuff that's suppose to go to the babies, that the big kids want most!

  3. My daughter owns that Dark blue stripped Octupus now!! We love him!