Wednesday, May 23, 2012

10 not-so-great things about being a mom :: personal story

today is "the monster's" 6th birthday!  he's very excited... we woke up early this morning and had a little family party {pictures coming soon} and then tonight we'll go to a special dinner with grandparents.

as i put him to bed last night, i rubbed his back and told him the story of his actual birth day.  after kissing him goodnight, i walked out into the hall and thought about how much my life has changed over the last 6 years.  i had no idea that my heart could be so full.  i love love love being a mom.

i know i know... that's what every mom says.  it's really very true.  i thought, though, in the spirit of honesty on the anniversary of my sincerly honest {sometimes to an embarrassing fault} son's birthday i would share a few things about what i don't love as a mother:

  1. loading pez dispensers.  i really hate it.
  2. i'm a walking garbage can.  both of my children give me all of their trash without even a glance towards the cylindrical shaped can in the corner.
  3. the constant worrying if my boys are happy/safe/smart/kind/well-mannered... the list goes on and on.
  4. when they throw back their little hard heads into my nose while we are playing.   it hurts like hell.  and inside i get really pissed.
  5. potty training.   there is absolutely nothing fun about this.
  6. they are slowly but surely destroying every nice thing i own. {furniture, clothing, cars, walls...}
  7. let's face it. kids are expensive.   do you know how many spa days i could enjoy if i wasn't contributing to their college funds?!
  8. the ridiculously secure packaging on all toys.  even the sharpest of scissors are left feeling useless against a packaged fisher-price farm set.
  9. the candor of my oldest son.  even the rudest of adults wouldn't tell me that my tummy looks big like i have a baby in it {when i certainly don't}.   yes, that did happen last week.
  10. dinner every night. {even if i just made it last night!?}

so there you go.  it's pretty bad that i'm sharing this on my son's birthday, isn't it?  as my friend "ak" would say... 'you should be mother of the year'.  but i do love my children.  more than anything, i promise.  and i wouldn't trade any of the above for a day without them.  they are the reason i get up each morning {literally} and if i'm absolutely, totally, 100% honest... i even love the all the things above too {except for the head smacked into nose thing}.

picture above by black willow photography

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