Thursday, May 17, 2012

art outreach gift bags :: personal story

for the last school year, i have been volunteering in my son's kindergarten class for art outreach.  each month, i check out a portfolio from the local art association and then teach the little ones about it.  at the end of each lesson, we would do a project.  it has been one of the most rewarding parts of my year!  the students have learned about a vast range of subjects from matisse to puppets and they have grasped the concepts of line direction and perspective.  i am so proud of them and their willingness to participate!

last week, i went for the last time.  i wanted to provide some random art supplies so that they can use their imaginations this summer to create something... well, artful.  i had so much fun packaging up the supplies.  in their gift bags, i included paint, glitter, a sketch pad, a paint brush, chalk, colored pencils and oil pastels.  i decorated the sketch pads with fun paper and washi tape.  making over 20 of these was quite the project actually, but hearing the kids' outbursts of joy (as only a kid can do) when they opened up their gifts made it so worth it.

i remember being that age and having the same type of excitement when my parents bought me new school or art supplies.  that's probably why i love the photographs above so much.  it's in me.  my heart literally starts beating a bit faster when any sort of art project is on the horizon.  i was so happy to share that with my son's friends this year.

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