Friday, May 4, 2012

color your bag :: diy

the other day, as i was browsing the art store, i came across these little gems.  have you ever used fabric crayons before?  my review is as follows:

simple to use - just draw and iron.  the heat seals the wax onto the fabric.  if you make a mistake, well, that's easy to fix too - just wash away.  although the picture on the box shows sharp, bright & vibrant designs on the fabric, my experience was that the crayons instead acted just as crayons do...  they gave an imperfect texture and details are difficult to control.  however, i did use these on a canvas material (pictured above), and i think a smooth cotton fabric could output different results.

overall, i love my new found gem!  my son did too...  and the entire idea of crayons vs permanent fabric markers or messy fabric paint is enough to make me swoon.  maybe you'll try it this weekend?

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