Monday, May 14, 2012

a date to call our own :: personal story

today, hubby and i celebrate our first wedding anniversary!   i'm not really sure what to do about it actually.  we've never had one of these before...

you see, carl and i didn't really have a first date.  we were friends first and then it just naturally became something more.  for the 5 years of dating before marriage, we never had a special day to celebrate us as a couple.  our relationship has always been a simple one.  no drama, no giant moments of romanticism.  and if i let go of the fact that my husband has the maturity level of an 8-year-old, we don't often argue.  i suppose some might find this boring, but i find it comforting.  i love our trust.  i love our solid foundation.  i love our simplicity.  i love him.

so... tonight, i think we'll get all dressed up and go to dinner.  i'm so excited to have a day of the year that is just ours!  i even bought a new dress.

above photo by studio rebekah.


  1. Lovely! Have a wonderful anniversary night out together. Wish we could be there to hug you guys & babysit while you enjoy a night out. - love, heather h.