Friday, May 25, 2012

dipped beads :: diy

neon color-blocking is a huge trend right now and i've noticed some fun takes on jewelry.  one thing that seems to be popping up on pinterest is the neon painted beads.  i looooove them.  here's how i made mine:

  1. i simply filled a plastic bowl with acrylic paint and dipped each wood bead in half-way.
  2. this caused the paint to seep into the opening of the bead and it dried that way.
  3. i used a toothpick to re-open the hole then used a nail file to smooth the paint after fully dry.
  4. then, i used a paint brush to cover the entire bead with a gloss glue.  this keeps the paint in place and protects from chipping.
fun right?  happy weekend friends!

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