Monday, June 25, 2012

monthly birthday style :: diy

newborns change so much so fast and because of this i love the idea of documenting these changes with photographs on monthly birthdays.  "little m" had stickers her mommy put on her outfits that declared exactly how old she was... so cute!

i thought it might be fun to personalize this concept a bit more for some friends' baby showers.  i bought onsies in a variety of sizes (0 - 18 months) and then ironed on numbers 1 - 12.  for the green/boy set, i designed each month differently with fabric stamping.  for the pink/girl set, i designed them consistently from month to month.

i'm sure this is a more expensive option to buying just the stickers, but i couldn't help myself.  as a photographer and artist, i want all babies i know to have their own unique style!


  1. What a fun idea! Can I order a set from you to give to Rachel for her baby boy due in September! - See you next week!!! Heather =)