Wednesday, June 20, 2012

my old schwinn :: photography

a few weeks ago, i bought this bike with the intentions of taking apart the pieces and using them for various art projects.  i paid $5 for this beauty at a garage sale and didn't care if it still rode or not.

then one night, my son wanted to walk over to campus and play basketball.  my husband suggested we bike instead.  i thought this to be a wonderful idea so i could take this lady for a spin one time before dismantling.

and so... that night, just a few weeks ago, we began our after-dinner-summer-evening-bicycle-riding tradition!  sometimes we go to the campus library, or play basketball and soccer, or just enjoy the lovely landscaped sidewalks as the sun sets.  i have a new love affair with my old schwinn.  instead of taking it apart, i am now researching how to restore it.  i find myself parking it in low-risk parts of the garage.  i check it over each time before we ride.  and... the absolute, sure sign that i'm obsessed... i am taking photos of it.

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