Wednesday, August 1, 2012

august desktop wallpaper :: photography

hip happity august friends!   this summer is flying by and i find myself trying to squeeze in all sorts of things (banana splits, treasure hunts, museum visit, stargazing...) before school starts for "the monster".  by this time next month we'll be in a  regular 1st grade routine!  i love and hate that at the same time.

some fun things about august:

  • i am finalizing projects and papers to open up my shop soon!
  • hubby and i will be doing this run in a couple weeks.
  • each august i go on a sewing and ironing binge.  i let buttons and clothes pile up all summer, then i clean and organize the closets like a crazy person.  in fact, i plan to start tonight... exciting eh?

download your free desktop background here for widescreen and here for fullscreen. enjoy!

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