Thursday, August 16, 2012

old spaghetti factory :: st. louis photography

when i was a little girl, every time we visited st. louis, we had to eat at the old spaghetti factory.  i loved it because it was fancy and adult-like, almost romantic... but also had an old train car in the middle of the dining room!  as a child, i never got to sit in the train car due to limited seating and lack of planning.  so!  i was thrilled when my husband made reservations for us to sit in the car for dinner... i looked forward to it all day. mostly because i couldn't wait to grant my wish as a child to my sons.  i knew they would be thrilled!

but of course, after a full day of vacation activities, "the monster" fell asleep before our meal even arrived...

i'm not sure he even knew we sat on a train car.  o well, at least hubby and i got to fulfill our childhood wish.  we even had the balloon guy make us "the monster" a sword.

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