Thursday, August 30, 2012

seat cushion :: diy

i would like some rugs for the basement, so when i found this tutorial i was thrilled.  we certainly have a lot of unused t-shirts around (my husband is oddly attached to old ratty shirts) and i thought this might be a fun activity that the boys might get into.

i was wrong.  for one thing, we didn't have enough t-shirts... which actually wasn't the end of the world.  i ended up using some old sweaters, yarn, and ribbon and i love the look!  but the boys weren't interested in helping really (even though there was a hula hoop involved) and this took waaaaaayyyyy longer than the 2-3 hours that the tutorial claimed.  i spent most of my friday night (i know, exciting) and them some of saturday morning working on this.  i finally gave up when i ran out of time and material so the overall size ended up much smaller than i anticipated and there was no way this could be a rug.

but then...  i tossed it on a chair and absolutely love it as a seat cushion!  it's much more comf than the wood chair alone and i think it adds some fun color to our mostly wood dining room.

so there you have it.  maybe someday, when i have a lot of extra time on my hands (ha!) i'll do a few more of these and attach them to finally make my rug.  until then, i guess i'll be shopping in the floor accessories department.

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