Friday, September 7, 2012

door (or window) to mirror :: diy

full length mirrors can cost hundreds of dollars.  not all of us have that, so here's a almost perfect work-around:

  • grab an old glass door. i found mine at the habitat restore for $3
  • make sure window is clean and dry.
  • spray the back of the side you want to be the actual reflective side with 'looking glass' spray paint.  let's repeat because 'someone-i-know' sprayed the front of the window...  spray the back.  if it is a large mirror you will need several cans.  you can find this paint at walmart for much cheaper than the hobby store, but it's still a little pricey either way.  less than hundreds of dollars though - for sure.
  • after the paint dries, you can decide how many coats you want to apply.  the more paint, the more clear the mirror image is.  however, you will never get a perfectly sharp mirror.  i'm ok with that because i would put this in a living room as an accessory that makes the room appear larger.  this isn't a tactic to use though if you need a mirror to put your makeup on.  the image looking back at you just won't be sharp enough.
so that's a fun weekend project - eh?  (happy friday!)  enjoy!  xoxo

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