Tuesday, September 18, 2012

photography contest :: spooky photography

to celebrate the season, i am hosting a little contest and the winner will receive a free 2-hour photo shoot with yours truly and all of the digital files with copyright release.  i'm so excited about this!  o, and guess what else?  the winner will also win a $40 gift card to urban sassafras!

how to enter:
  1. post you best photo (or set of photos) of the spookiest place you know onto cp :: photography's facebook wall.
  2. submissions must be posted by october 5th @ midnight.
  1. your entry must be a photograph that you, yourself took.
  2. keep it PG
  3. photo editing is allowed.  no limits there.
  4. submissions must be posted within the contest timeframe and onto my facebook wall.  i will not accept emailed submissions.
judging will take place on october 6th & 7th and will be done by a panel of my artsy fartsy friends.  only the winner will be notified on facebook & this blog.

think cute halloween pics of your kiddos.  think free engagement session.  think a jump start on your holiday shopping at the greatest new shop in town!  now go on...  start snapping those photos.  i can't wait to see your entries.

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