Saturday, September 22, 2012

this week was... :: personal story

well, we did it.  urban sassafras is open for business!  it's hard to believe that the week began with a leaky ceiling, holes in the walls, an unfinished floor and boxes everywhere.  now, the shop is beautiful and i didn't do it alone.  there are many many people that i need to thank over and over again, but here are just a few:

  • my "sparkly cousin", beth ley.  she is selfless and encouraging on an hourly basis and i love her to pieces.  i would never even have began to think about following my heart and opening my own shop if it wasn't for her never-ending support.
  • my incredible husband.  the love of my life has given me everything i love.  he never once showed anger when i quit my high-paying job to become a starving artist and put our family at risk.  he understands very little about art, but is there with power tools {and a beer} when i need his help.  i owe him my entire world.
  • our parents.  always willing to lend a hand with the kiddos or pick up a paint brush.  it seems we have leaned on them more than ever lately.
  • a few artists i now gladly call friends.  thank you for inspiration, friendship and well, fun.  i am so looking forward to our time together.
this week was insanely busy but completely joyful.  i have never felt so blessed.  how incredible it is to wake up each morning and actually be giddy to go to work.  i am thrilled to have this life, this shop, this family and these friends.


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