Monday, November 5, 2012

fabric window covering :: diy

who says you're stuck with what ya got?  not me!

the farm house had a few windows that were ever so beautifully decorated with vinyl drop shades.  {boring}.  i jazzed mine up without sewing a single stitch!  aren't they much better now?

here's the diy:

  1. remove shade and lie flat on clean surface.  i used the garage floor, which actually, was not so clean.
  2. place fabric on top of flat shade and cut a little wider and a little longer than needed.
  3. roll your material up so that you can easily adhere in small sections at a time.
  4. using a spray adhesive, cover the vinyl in small sections and then smooth fabric out on top
  5. once the entire length is covered, flip shade over and fold over overlying fabric with adhesive
  6. repeat on opposite side
simple as that.  one thing to note is that i did have to remove and reinstall the hardware for the blind to get the  perfect fit.  the fabric made the shade considerably thicker, so in order for it to roll up and down smoothly, i had to move the hardware down and out a bit.  that was pretty easy though really.  and if you use a thin enough fabric, you might not even have to do anything.

i like how the new shades bring out the red in the ceiling.  i am currently in love with chevron too... wonder how long that will last?  good thing i can just peel off the fabric and do the whole process again when i'm over that trend!  xoxo

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