Friday, November 16, 2012

homemade clay ornaments :: diy :: kid project

yep.  another holiday ornament tutorial.  but you can't blame me for this one because my darling niece was visiting and we just haaaaaad to do a project!  i followed the tutorial for these easy clay ornaments by the woodside kitchen.

we made the 'dough' and cut-out our shapes in the evening.  then cooked them [ovenight, whoops!] and painted these cuties the next morning.  and yes, i did accidentally leave my oven on all night while i had a very pleasant sleep.  thankfully, no fire [and hubby didn't notice so i avoided a relentless teasing].  also thankfully, the ornaments didn't burn!  after we covered the slightly-brown-spots with paint, no one could tell that these roasted a little longer than normal.  ha!

this was a fun fun project for the kiddos and although messy, even my 2-year-old got in on the fun.

have a great weekend friends, xoxo

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