Friday, December 28, 2012

nye glitter hat :: diy :: holiday

with only a few days left until nye - i'm wondering what you glitter gals are wearing?!  we usually do something pretty low-key, but i always add a little something special to my outfit for the celebration.  even if we just have a family movie night at home - the kiddos love it when i look silly.  this year, i have made mini-hats out of paper cups.  here's the diy:

  1. paint cone-shaped paper cup.  these can be found at your office water cooler :)
  2. before the paint dries, cover with glitter
  3. after dry, shake off excess and then embellish with a pom and ribbon.  or tinsel.  or more glitter.  or charms.  or whatever you want!
  4. hot glue to a headband.
fun right?!  i knew you would agree.


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