Friday, January 18, 2013

interactive drawing :: children's art project

i gave 'the monster' my old digital camera for christmas this past year.  he is having so much fun with it and i really love looking thru his photos.  he takes lots and lots of images of his toys... which could go on and on because the boy has a lot of toys!

the other night on our weekly 'art night' that we do as a family, i came up with the idea of making an interactive drawing.  the goal was to draw something that could then interact with your hand somehow and we would use his camera to capture the interaction.  two of my favorites he came up with are shown above - a dog-like animal biting his finger and a venus flytrap reaching to attack.  i really think he showed great imagination and quite frankly, i didn't even know he knew what a venus flytrap was.  ha!

p.s.  i know my boys are never wearing shirts in the photos i seem to take.  i swear i do dress them when we leave the house, but i will admit to calling them 'mowgli' because they really don't like clothes.  it's somewhat worrisome i suppose, but i'm hoping they'll grow out of it...


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  1. I love "dog-like animal". hahaha.
    And I had to google Mowgli. also...hahaha