Wednesday, January 16, 2013

kiddo inspiration :: kid projects

lately, it seems i've been inspired by the kiddos in my life... plus anything little and tiny makes me happy and i sometimes want to squeeze them.  what?

i saw this done on a blog a while back and i'm sorry i can't remember where.  it was a home tour, not a diy.  anyway, i simply wrapped the back of the chair in felt and then used fabric glue to adhere the monkey's face.  so cute!  this could be done with a brown chair to make a bear, black for a panda, green for frog, etc etc. just remember that animals with beaks don't work too well.

i found this wood piece at goodwill - score!  i have no idea what it was used for before, but it screamed dollhouse to me.  i sanded the piece a bit to give it a shabby chic feel, then cut cardboard to fit the shape.  i then traced the shape of each room and glued paper to the cardboard so it would appear as wallpaper.  i found the little mirrors and blank wood people in the miniature section of the hobby store.  finally, i painted them with acrylic paint to give them personality. isn't' it lovely?!

this idea i found on pinterest (of course).  the number one cause of thrown out pants for my son is knee holes.  he hardly has a pair long enough to grow out of them (and he grows fast!).  the kid is a ninja-fighting wrestler at recess and the knees just don't last long.  so, i patched them up as monsters during work one day and excitedly drove home to present my too-cool son with my creative work.  you could see in his face he didn't want to hurt my feelings...

me:  "so, you want to wear these to school tomorrow?!"
him: "no... that's ok"
me: "what, you don't like them?  i thought you'd love them"
him: "i will wear them on saturdays... when no one will see me.  ok?"

so my advice for this project is to only use this technique for boys under the age of 5.  then i think you'll be good.


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  1. Great projects! Who knew that kids these days are already worrying about their "image" at age 6!