Wednesday, February 20, 2013

composite kick :: composite photography

i've been on a composite kick lately.  i think because the things i am photographing are so... well... blah.  it's the time of year.  i tend to look towards nature for my inspiration and when nature is windy, cold and rainy, i don't pack up the camera and go scene hunting much.

i do love a bleak and spooky photo though!  by adding a bit of texture and color, my 'blah' photographs can take on an interest that otherwise could be looked over.

i know many photographers that don't believe in adding layers of texture... or really, manipulating the photograph at all.  i get that.  i follow that rule most of the time actually... but i also think there is an art to seeing something beyond what you are given.

what about you?  do you prefer a photo in it's natural state?  or artistically touched up?

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