Thursday, February 28, 2013

lincoln library :: city photography

this is the library i grew up reading in.  it brings back memories of card catalogs and whispering in the aisles about boys.  i now take my own children here.

this library has been exactly the same since it was built in 1976.  a couple of years ago, due to lack of city funds, the doors almost closed.  i remember taking my oldest son here one saturday morning thinking it might be the last time i walked among it's books.  i was sad and, like many, angry that such a thing could happen.

thankfully, after an uproar from citizens, the city found a way to keep this beautiful (although dated) library open.

then, earlier this month, i read something wonderful.  a private donor will be offering the library at least $600,000 for renovations including a new coffee shop!  the remodel starts this summer.  people's generosity really never ceases to amaze me.  i am thrilled to see how this place i grew up with will change and excite my children as they grow too.

of course, i had to do a little photo shoot before the remodel begins.  so i have a place, in a photo album, years from now, to visit my childhood and the memories this lovely library has given me.  xoxo

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