Friday, February 1, 2013

scrap leather key chains :: diy

here's an easy & inexpensive diy for gifting on valentine's day...  plus i don't know what it is about a soft leather, but i've been loving it lately.

everyone needs a key chain.  and most people stopped getting them after the age of 17.  so go on... get your craft on this weekend and whip up a nostalgic gift for all you love!


  1. cut your scrap leather into hearts, strips or other shapes.  paint onto the leather using fabric paint if desired.
  2. fold over the leather strips and use a fabric glue to adhere.  be careful not to glue the leather to the actual key ring.
  3. for presentation, punch a hole in cardstock and attach with ribbon or bakers twine.  then paint on a lovely note.
happy weekend friends!

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