Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the open road :: night photography

my husband has a job in a small town about 45 minutes away.  because of union rules, we rent a little house over there and he has to stay a few nights a week.  most of the time, the boys and i stay on the farm, but occasionally, when we're not busy with basketball, guitar or other activities, we'll hop on the road and have a little family slumber party.

at first, this was a pain.  i don't love that we go days without seeing my husband.  but, i've begun to love some things about this arrangement too.  first of all, due to the fact that we have no tv and very little furniture in our rented house, when the boys and i visit, we spend our time playing games together and then all pile into one big king bed for an adventurous night of sleep.  and i love the drive over at dusk... and then the returning drive at sunrise (we return early so 'the monster' can get to school on time).  

there's something else too.  there's a beauty in our family strength.  i feel blessed that we are given a rough road at times and that we are brave enough to drive on this path.  i know our tribulations will make us closer in the end.  i feel safe and strong.  and loved.

i see the everyday beauty.  which is really, the true gift.

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