Tuesday, March 19, 2013

flower sticker jewelry :: kid project

have you ever looked closely at the sticker section in your local craft store?  i mean, you know, since you were 8?  when i walked through, i was surprised at all of the fabric stickers!  everything in this statement necklace above can be simply peeled and stuck on!

we did this for a kiddo's project in our last class.  such an easy and fun project for little ones.  however, i did reinforce my flower stickers with fabric glue just to be safe.

i think this would be a wonderful gift for little ones to make as a gift for mother's day!  this project could also be even more simplified by just cutting a single strip of felt and then making a cuff bracelet / corsage.  if your little one made a corsage they could even gift it as an easter dinner host gift!

p.s.  although adorable, these stickers can be quite expensive.  be sure to catch them on sale!  

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  1. Love it! Just like I love my new felt bracelet we made in class last week!