Thursday, March 21, 2013

water flower :: macro photography

last week, my 2-year-old burst into the house full of excitement because he had found flowers in the yard.  the blooms were barely larger than his fingernails, so delicate and bright white.  the stems were weak and floppy but i, as any good parent does, made a big fuss over these and promptly filled a glass full of water so we could display his collection.  i then placed the glass in the sunroom on top of the piano and we headed back outside.

saturday morning i woke up and headed into the sunroom with my coffee.  i had forgotten all about the flowers so i was stunned at how lovely they looked with the light shining on them in their water.  the blooms had opened and they floated just perfectly along the fill line.  if i looked very closely, i could see the bubbles of water collecting along their soft petals.  they were breathtaking.

so... i grabbed my camera.

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