Saturday, April 6, 2013

chicken littles : pesonal story

did i tell you we are the proud parents to 12 new chicken littles?  we are building the coop for them tomorrow.  right now, they live in the basement where they are safe from harm.  we will be able to let them out in a couple weeks when they get bigger.

i love them and i go downstairs to snuggle and talk with them multiple times a day. with each little 'mommy session' they become less afraid and more friendly.  we know that at least 6 of them are guaranteed hens... we'll see what the other 6 are pretty soon.  we just need one rooster.  these new friends will roam free around our farm until dark each night then we will coop them up for safety.  they will lay their eggs each morning and it is yet to be decided who in the family will have the daily chore of retrieving the eggs and cleaning the coop.  i'm thinking it's a good job for a daddy.

meanwhile, daisy dog is completely oblivious to our little covert operation in the basement.  it will be interesting to see how she interacts with them once they are big enough.



  1. Hmm, I think it's a good job for a little/big boy. My brother and I used to have egg collecting duty when we were kids. BTW, do you think Daisy knows that her bed is a baby changing pad? How does she fit on there?

    1. heather! daisy dog is blissfully unaware of her recycled bed :) but, she did find the chickens over the weekend. she kept licking them and then thought it might be fun to try to eat one! eek. i hope we can still train an old dog new rules...