Wednesday, April 17, 2013

may day basket :: diy

awww... may day.  it's the perfect day for a random act of kindness.  the boys and i are already working on our list of friends we plan to surprise with a gift on their door!

here's an easy diy may day basket that you can fill with a fresh bouquet of flowers:

  1. cut burlap (or fabric of your choice) at least twice the height as a plastic sandwich bag
  2. sew along vertical edges, leaving an opening at the top
  3. flip rightside out and modge podge a doily, sew on fabric flowers, paint or decorate
  4. sew or staple ribbon on the inside hem
  5. place plastic bag inside so that you can place your fresh flowers in a touch of water without soaking your fabric
  6. add a small note with a cheerful spring message

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