Tuesday, April 23, 2013

spring weekend :: personal story

hi friends!  did you have a good weekend?!  we certainly did... it was one of those beautiful spring weekends that you spend your winter days dreaming of.  here are some highlights:

  1. it has been raining so much, our creek is pretty full!  the boys took a little canoe trip
  2. while out, they picked me some "flowers"
  3. on saturday afternoon, we had some dear friends over for a cookout. the kiddos rode the 4-wheeler, played in the mud, suffocated the baby chicks (not really) and explored the barns.
  4. my husband somehow caught an adorable bunny!  i have always wanted a bunny, so i snuggled it all evening until we had to release it back into the wild.  that was sad.
  5. i quickly cheered up though when we built a tire swing!  i looooove it.  i practiced my swinging gymnastic skills for far too long.

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