Thursday, May 23, 2013

birthday face :: kid project

"the monster" turns seven today.  he has a giant day of celebrating... a party with every friend and a treat with every party.

a couple days ago, we had all of our art supplies out and were drawing on large posterboard.  we decided to have a little contest between the family to see who could draw "the monster" the best.  "bump" was to choose the winner.

well.  in a run-by judgment (literally), "bump" chose "the monster's" self-portrait.  i think we all know that my rendering was the best.  however, never a sore looser, i relinquished my clear win to my son.  after all, his birthday was coming up.

things that are special about my little-big boy at seven years old:

  • he has a faux-hawk
  • both of his two top-front teeth fell out at the same time, leaving a gapping gap
  • he is loving and empathetic
  • he is tall and awkward and clumsy
  • he can ride a 4-wheeler better than me
  • also, he can beat me at pretty much any video game
  • he can eat more junk than anyone i've ever known and almost never get sick
  • he enjoys art, reading, gym & math.  make him do either of those though and he won't.  you have to make absolutely everything a game.
  • and that game can only last 15 minutes
  • he's oddly good at sorting and picking up, but super sucks at actual cleaning.
  • he'll play in the mud, cover himself with it, but won't touch a piece of garbage that fell out of the can on the way down the driveway.
  • he has a nose like no other.  the boy can sniff out a cookie baking miles away.
  • he's becoming a little man much too fast

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